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Our values

We do what’s right.
Our employees make decisions, both big and small, with a focus on what is ethically right. Above all, we are committed to the greater good — for our company, our customers and the health care industry.

We succeed when our customers succeed.
Our commitment to our customers sets us apart. We hear time and again from our customers that they choose us for our follow-through and customer-focused service. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do, and our success comes from their success. They benefit from our company’s customised approach to their business and our ability to help them stay ahead of the changing health care landscape.

We take personal responsibility for our actions and our work.
Our employees make personal commitments — to their customers, vendors, colleagues and jobs. We hold ourselves accountable for keeping those promises, and we take individual responsibility for the decisions we make to get results for our customers. We build trust with our customers by delivering on our promises.

We treat people with dignity and consideration.
Our people treat each other, our customers and our vendors with dignity, consideration, open-mindedness and respect. By valuing diverse styles and skills, recognising each individual’s contribution, and staying open to each other’s perspectives, our company cultivates an environment of innovation and collaboration — which pays off in the way we solve problems for our customers.

We insist upon quality.
Our journey to excellence never ends — we always aim higher for our customers and partners. We take action with success in mind and focus on results, constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve, and we rigorously measure our progress. When customers choose our company, they’re choosing an industry leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality, safety and efficiency — for the better health of our customers and the entire health care industry.