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75 years of Kemofarmacija

Kemofarmacija had 25 employees when it was founded. Medicines were delivered around Ljubljana by carts and tricycles. The first car was the pride of all employees.

And 75 years later, there are 181 employees who daily provide reliable, safe and comprehensive supply to more than 1 100 customers, including all Slovenian pharmacies and hospitals.

We are a vital link in the pharmaceutical supply chain. An average order placed by our customer includes 50 different types of medicines from 20 different suppliers. Thus, we significantly optimise the supply chain of pharmaceuticals and reduce transactions by more than 125 times.

With our additional services, we enable our pharmacy customers to devote more time providing expert advice to patients.

Almost 11 500 different products are kept in our warehouse, including 3,400 pharmaceuticals. We work with 350 different suppliers and manage inventories of medicines that would last for almost a month in the event of a shortage. We are well aware of our impact on the environment, and therefore we look for and choose sustainable solutions.

Kemofarmacija is about people. We make sure that patients at the end of the supply chain receive safe and effective medicines when and where they need them.

75 years on the way to health.

Milestones in our development:

Kemofarmacija becomes part of PHOENIX group.


Kemofarmacija celebrates 75 years.


Implementation of trigeneration, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) in CNS (central management system) projects to increase energy efficiency.


Our commitment to become carbon neutral till 2030.


Integration of new ERP system Aurora.


Renovation of the warehouse completed.


Commercial partnerships for manufacturers managed by Vitapharm d.o.o.


Kemofarmacija becomes a main coordinator of the national project on waste medicine.


Celesio (today McKesson Europe) becomes a member of McKesson group.


FarmaPro, web portal for e-education of doctors and pharmacists.


Web portal for suppliers, eNabava.


New e-ordering portal for customers, Elona.


Kemofarmacija becomes the majority owner of Vitapharm.


Construction of new warehousing facilities with 5,000 m2 of usable surface.


Kemofarmacija becomes a member of the Celesio Group (today McKesson Europe).


Expanding to new markets: Croatia – Unipharm, Romania – PharmaFarm.


Launch of a new contemporary warehousing system, which was renovated and optimised in 2005.


Kemofarmacija becomes a joint stock company (internal buyout).


Acquisition of our own new warehousing facilities and office space, where we have remained until this day.


Kemofarmacija becomes the leading wholesaler trading in medicines in Yugoslavia and has 145 employees.


Establishment of Kemofarmacija as a state enterprise of national importance at the republic level for trade in medicines and medicinal products.

Did you know?

Kemofarmacija in Numbers

over 180 employees

over 11,500 products in stock, unlimited supply upon order

over 350 suppliers

over 1,100 customers: all public and hospital pharmacies, most community health centres, veterinarians and specialised stores

Who we are

A wholesaler with the broadest product portfolio.

A wholesaler whose services offer the best solutions - distribution, information, consulting and operations.

A wholesaler that covers the whole of Slovenia.