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70 years of Kemofarmacija

In 2017, we were celebrating our 70th anniversary. Ever since the company was founded in 1947, we have strived to ensure a reliable, safe, timely, and comprehensive supply of medicine, medical devices, and other health related products for pharmacies, hospitals, and other health-care institutions. In the recent years, we have expanded our business with several services for customers and suppliers. As the leading wholesaler of medicinal products with full operational capacity, we are a vital link in the supply chain of medicinal products, connecting suppliers and patients.

Our work is based on the common ICARE values. Among the values, which connect us and bring us together within the McKesson Europe Group are integrity, priority care for customers, a great sense of responsibility, respect, and excellence.

We are aware that our journey towards excellence will never end, so we strive to maintain our quality and to constantly implement innovations and improvements.

This jubilee year is additionally enriched by activities that reinforce social responsibility, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and help people on their path to health and better life quality. It is only in a healthy and encouraging environment that we may progress and enjoy our common successes.

Milestones in our development:

Kemofarmacija celebrates 70 years.


Celesio (today McKesson Europe) becomes a member of McKesson group.


FarmaPro, web portal for e-education of doctors and pharmacists.


Web portal for suppliers, eNabava.


New e-ordering portal for customers, Elona.


Kemofarmacija becomes the majority owner of Vitapharm.


Construction of new warehousing facilities with 5,000 m2 of usable surface.


Kemofarmacija becomes a member of the Celesio Group (today McKesson Europe).


Expanding to new markets: Croatia – Unipharm, Romania – PharmaFarm.


Launch of a new contemporary warehousing system, which was renovated and optimised in 2005.


Kemofarmacija becomes a joint stock company (internal buyout).


Acquisition of our own new warehousing facilities and office space, where we have remained until this day.


Kemofarmacija becomes the leading wholesaler trading in medicines in Yugoslavia and has 145 employees.


Establishment of Kemofarmacija as a state enterprise of national importance at the republic level for trade in medicines and medicinal products.

Did you know?

Kemofarmacija in Numbers

over 160 employees

over 15,000 products in stock, unlimited supply upon order

over 400 suppliers

over 1,000 customers: all public and hospital pharmacies, most community health centres, veterinarians and specialised stores

Who we are

A wholesaler with the broadest product portfolio.

A wholesaler whose services offer the best solutions - distribution, information, consulting and operations.

A wholesaler that covers the whole of Slovenia.