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Storage services can be performed in various types of warehouses (consignment, customs, contractual) for medicinal products, medical devices and other products, in accordance with their safety and temperature requirements. When working with medicinal products for clinical trials, we follow a special procedure for receiving and issuing.

Did you know?

Distribution and warehousing Centre

over 28% of orders are prepared automatically

one of the most advanced warehousing systems in our line of business

over 1.3 million kilometres covered per year, more than 33 times around the world

80,000 deliveries to customers per year

High Quality of Logistics

Kemofarmacija has more than 350 suppliers and serves more than 1,100 customers.

Kemofarmacija is trusted by 300 pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare customers.

Secure and reliable delivery to customers.

Over 6,000 m2 of warehouse space for wholesale business.