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The high-quality services are based on our professional knowledge, qualified and motivated employees, many years of experience, knowledge of the Slovenian market and the superior spatial and technological capabilities of our logistics centre. 

The core wholesale activity of Kemofarmacija is based on the principles laid down by the valid European good distribution practice and legislative requirements. Since the implementation of the modern warehousing system in 2000, we can ensure traceability of batches of medicines and other batch-controlled products in our distribution.

In addition to the marketing authorisation for the wholesale of medicinal products, we also have the manufacturing authorisation for medicinal products. This includes manufacturing procedures in the scope of secondary repackaging of registered medicinal products for human and veterinary medicine and, as of 2014, medicinal products in clinical trials. 

By observing good distribution practice, good production practise and good clinical practise, we can ensure the conditions necessary for us to be able to provide to our customers and end users medicines and other products of appropriate quality, safety and effectiveness. To achieve this, we employ a good system of employee training and effective change management, risk assessment of processes with regard to product quality, internal auditing and continuous monitoring of how well the processes are being implemented. 

We have been operating in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1998, and we are constantly upgrading in line with the new versions of the standard.
The quality assurance system we have established ensures that the quality of operations is at a high level.

Special product groups such as chemicals, narcotic drugs and cooled products are stored in special, separate rooms. The distribution of narcotic drugs is done according to strict safety regulations. Appropriate temperature conditions are provided in line with stringent technical standards. The preparation and transport processes for temperature-sensitive products were validated and their adequacy is monitored annually.

Using a systematic approach, we want to monitor the needs of customers, achieve set objectives and ensure that the Slovenian market is timely supplied with products whose quality is controlled and maintained throughout the whole distribution chain.


Did you know?

High quality services

Quality assurance in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and good distribution practice.

Quality is one of the values of Kemofarmacija.

High Quality of Logistics

Kemofarmacija has more than 350 suppliers and serves more than 1,100 customers.

Kemofarmacija is trusted by 300 pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare customers.

Secure and reliable delivery to customers.

Over 6,000 m2 of warehouse space for wholesale business.