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The broadest selection of medicinal products – for our customers and their patients. Over 400 suppliers.

Being able to provide a fast and high-quality service to customers and suppliers requires excellent cooperation between all employees in the various departments within our company. 

Medicinal Products and Medical Devices

The key to successful management of procurement processes is monitoring customers' needs and selecting top-quality products from verified and reliable suppliers.

The most important and largest part of the business is the purchase of medicinal products, and we work with virtually all suppliers of medicines on the Slovenian market.

In the pharmaceutical field alone, Kemofarmacija collaborates with over 180 suppliers/pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to prescription and OTC medicines, our sales programme includes another very important group of products – medical devices. The most important among them are the products from the programmes of diagnostics, incontinence, dressings and medical supplies.

Other Products for Supporting Health

Nutritional products for particular nutritional uses, food supplements and cosmetic products are also important product groups in our programme that are supplemented on a daily basis. They are intended for protecting, preserving and restoring health. 

The wide selection of medicinal products, medical devices and other products allows customers to get everything in one place, thus streamlining their procurement process. 


We are the exclusive supplier and representative for Kertus chemicals on the Slovenian market.

Veterinary Medicine

Supplying veterinarians with registered veterinary prescription and OTC medicines, as well as devices for use in veterinary medicine, is a tradition at Kemofarmacija. Since 1957, we have been making sure that veterinary physicians can follow the latest professional pharmaceutical guidelines in treating livestock and pets. 

Today, in collaboration with our suppliers, representatives of established domestic and global manufacturers of veterinary medicines, we successfully supply virtually all the veterinary institutions in Slovenia: independent veterinarians, veterinary outpatient clinics, clinics, hospitals, pharmacy stations and institutes within the Veterinary Faculty.

We are introducing modern business approaches into veterinary medicine as well – most of our veterinary customers already have access to our online ordering portal. The broad selection of medicines and other veterinary products, friendly sales staff and reliable delivery ensure that our customers can always rely on us.
Did you know?

Services for Pharmacies

For pharmacies, we offer comprehensive information and professional content for assistance in ordering and advising patients in pharmacies.

With our services we helps pharmacists, so that they can focus more closely on advising patients.

Customer services and support

over 700 calls a day

over 450 orders a day

over 90% of orders are electronic

advanced web portal Elona offers a simple way for ordering and communication with customers