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Management board:


Davorin Poherc

Chairman of the Board


Janko Kozamernik

Member of the Board

Marketing and Sales:

Davorin Poherc

Marketing and Sales Director

Karolina Kobal Žvanut

Head of Sales

Alenka Rutar Pariš

Head of Marketing


Davorin Poherc

Operations Director

Urška Farazin, MSc

Head of Procurement

Tadej Pojbič

Head of Logistics

Anja Prašnikar Lipold, MSc

Head of Inventory Management

Andreja Čufar, PhD

Head of Quality Management

Matjaž Ostroveršnik

Head of IT


Janko Kozamernik

Finance Director

Janko Kozamernik

Head of Finance and Controlling

Živa Čare

Head of Accounting


Davorin Poherc

Governance Director

Anže Hiršl

Head of Legal and HR

Alenka Rutar Pariš

Head of Communication

Supervisory Board:


Tilo Köster


Branislav Dimić


Manuel Borstel

Did you know?

The Vision of Kemofarmacija 

Being the first choice in the supply of medicinal products – for suppliers and customers.

The Mission of Kemofarmacija

All for better health.

We provide pharmacies and hospitals with medicinal products, medical devices, other health products and services – reliably, comprehensively and safely.