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Basic Information

Registered office
Kemofarmacija d.d.
Cesta na Brdo 100, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenija
Registration number
Registration of the company District court of Ljubljana
File no.: 10056700
Date: 14.11.1974
Transaction account 05100-8000041411 (Abanka)
29000-0001842081 (UniCredit banka Slovenija)
Telephone Switchboard: +386 1 470 98 00
Management: +386 1 470 99 09
Fax Sales: +386 1 470 99 73
Procurement: +386 1 470 99 74; +386 1 470 99 70
Email address
Did you know?

Kemofarmacija in Numbers

over 160 employees

over 15,000 products in stock, unlimited supply upon order

over 400 suppliers

over 1,000 customers: all public and hospital pharmacies, most community health centres, veterinarians and specialised stores

Customer services and support

over 700 calls a day

over 450 orders a day

over 90% of orders are electronic

advanced web portal Elona offers a simple way for ordering and communication with customers