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On the basis of the manufacturing authorisation for medicinal products and in line with good manufacturing practice, we:

  • organise and prepare the materials necessary to manufacture medicinal products in accordance with the client’s requirements (e.g. labels, instructions),
  • equip products (e.g. attaching labels, inserting directions for use, replacing directions for use, replacing secondary packaging),
  • equip clinical trial samples (including the use of randomisation codes for blind testing),
  • use various types of packaging (e.g. shrink wrap, transport packaging),
  • unpack products,
  • the release of repackaged medicines can only be carried out by responsible persons.

Did you know?

Kemofarmacija in Numbers

over 180 employees

over 11,500 products in stock, unlimited supply upon order

over 350 suppliers

over 1,100 customers: all public and hospital pharmacies, most community health centres, veterinarians and specialised stores

Services for Pharmacies

For pharmacies, we offer comprehensive information and professional content for assistance in ordering and advising patients in pharmacies.

With our services we helps pharmacists, so that they can focus more closely on advising patients.