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From the distribution of medicinal products to services for customers and suppliers.

In addition to medicinal products and medical devices, our sales programme includes food supplements, cosmetic products, chemicals and various services for pharmacies.              

Kemofarmacija is a wholesaler of medicinal products and medical devices that comprehensively supplies the Slovenian healthcare system, primarily pharmacies and hospitals, including health centres, diagnostic laboratories and specialised shops. Although sales and distribution are our core activities, we also offer our business partners the import of unregistered medicines, logistical support in the implementation of clinical trials and warehousing and logistics services.

Kemofarmacija was established in 1947 as a state enterprise of national importance at the republic level for trade in medicines and medicinal products.

Today, Kemofarmacija is a leading wholesaler of medicinal products. The distribution centre from which we can securely and reliably supply all of our customers is located in Ljubljana, at the company’s registered office, and employs over 180 people.

Kemofarmacija is part of the PHOENIX group, the European leader in pharmaceutical wholesale, pharmacy retail, and services for the pharmaceutical industry. Experience from other European markets is also applied in Slovenia, resulting in new services such as the FarmaInfo monthly newsletter with the Receptum supplement and the FarmaPro, online professional education for doctors and pharmacists.

Kemofarmacija is constantly pursuing modern trends in e-commerce. Over 90 % of orders from pharmacy customers are received electronically. Elona, the online portal for customers, is a modern B2B portal for ordering and communication with customers. For business with suppliers, we have the eNabava portal. Both portals are connected, streamlining our business processes.

As a leading wholesaler of medicines with full marketing authorisation for the wholesale of medicinal products, we are a key link in the medicinal product supply chain in Slovenia. Through high-quality and reliable supply to pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare organisations, we ensure that high-quality, safe and effective medicinal products are available to everyone who needs them. 


Did you know?

The Vision of Kemofarmacija 

Being the first choice in the supply of medicinal products – for suppliers and customers.

Who we are

A wholesaler with the broadest product portfolio.

A wholesaler whose services offer the best solutions - distribution, information, consulting and operations.

A wholesaler that covers the whole of Slovenia.